Guys! You need to watch iZombie! If you haven't, go see it NOW. I obviously started watching it a few weeks ago because Bradley James is in it, and I was like "uuh I don't like zombies (read: HATE, am scared of etc) but I suppose I can put up with it just to see him act in something other than Merlin..." and within the first five minutes of watching only episode 5 with Brad I was surprised, shocked and amazed at that I actually thought it was good. Like as you all know I'm terrified of everything and zombies and blood and brains are on top of that list. 
HOWEVER, iZombie is not just about zombies. It's about a med student who turns in to a zombie and then has to try to cope with the changes that brings. She was living the perfect life with the perfect fiancée and had everything going for her, and now she's a zombie and she has to give everything up, but still try to keep her spirit up. And the great thing about this show is... it's really funny! Like SO funny! It's the perfect combination of funny and dramatic, and all the zombie stuff is not at all scary. So after I watched that 5th episode that introduced Bradley's character, I just went straight back to the start and watched it from the beginning. And today I just saw the latest episode that ended in such a cliffhanger I nearly fell off the chair. And then I thought "OH MY GOD THIS SHOW IS SO FUNNY AND SO AMAZING I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT IT!" and here I am... I am also procrastinating since I really have to study today, but I can't focus until I get all this off my chest. 
So, to sum up- iZombie is a great show because it's funny, dramatic, starrs some really amazing actors like Rose McIver, Rahul Kohli, Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, David Anders and of course Bradley James. The show is different and exciting and if you (like I did) accidentally watch all episodes in one day you'll be going nutso waiting for the next one because this last one really stirred up some crazy emotions. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK TO SEE IT! And also I just want to throw out a huge thank you to the internet for existing, otherwise I wouldn't be able to see it at all since obviously I live in Sweden and it's not airing here so... there's that. 
Anyways, enough with the procrastinating! Time to write a business plan, and time for all of you to watch iZombie!