Wednesday = iZombie day!

Yes there you have it. Wednesday mornings are officially iZombie days for me. I download the latest episode which airs on Tuesdays in the land of America, I have my breakfast and watch iZombie. Quite a cozy routine if the latest episode hadn't been SO CRAZY! I thought last week was bad but booooy did it get worse. 
Went to the beach the other night with the dog, hope the weather clears up so I can go agian today for a walk! 
Anyways, I'm trying to forget about that since I have to study. Yesterday I did part of my assignment which was to watch a lecture, either live or on the internet about entrepreneurship and I found a great one by Matthew Hussey. The good thing about it was that it was actually really motivational for me to keep working on my business plan for my assignment. So here I am, studying as usual. I have a good feeling about this. And also I can't wait until this course is over and I can have a break! 
How are you doing today my friends? 
- E