How are you guys doing? 
I hope you're doing great! Sorry about the lack of updates but for the first time in forever I have literally not have any time left to update. Monday-Friday for the past two weeks I've been at work (I love saying that!) and all the other time I'm studying. And I'm so freaking proud of myself!
In less than a year I've gone from being so sick and worn out I couldn't even get out of bed to go to work, to acing my assignments in two different courses while working a new job as well. I'm just really happy because I'm enjoying all of it so much. For the first time in a long time I'm really excited about this job and school and it feels good to have something going on again. 
Anyways, next week we're gonna start working shifts so it won't be Mon-Fri anymore which will be way better for me while I'm studying. Even though some weeks are gonna be hard, some weeks are gonna be much more relaxed. Next week for example I have time to get my hair done on Wednesday and then on Saturday I'm going to Gothenburg for a night with a group of girls to celebrate Ida's birthday that was this week. #Excited! 
So that's what's going on for me! 
What are you guys up to?

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