Hello my little butterflies! 
As we all know even though we're desperately trying to forget it is Monday again, unfortunately. I'm just now realizing, two weeks in to my courses, that college is freaking hard! Why didn't anyone tell me? It's completely kicking my ass. I mean there is just soooooo much reading to do!! Before when I've taken college courses they've been language courses so there wasn't much reading involved. Just doing exercises and stuff. But this... This is killing me! I swear like 3 weeks in to my courses I'm supposed to have read like 3 full books. My brain just won't cooperate to read that much unless it is the Hunger Games. I mean I'm obviously brilliant at it even though it was a shock at first, but all of my friends who are or have been in college, I will never forgive you for not preparing me for this!!!!!! 
(Btwwww I finally got my hair cut and coloured!! What do you think?? And obviously I was so happy because this is before I realized how boring it is to read about the same shit in three different books all day long when I already know what they say..... heheheh)
Anyways, I don't even have time to update you on anything else because I better get back to those books. I have a lot of studying to do this week so that I can take a few days off next week to go see Solle! 
Hope you're all doing great and you know... Don't forget to leave a comment here or there... Would make me happy :):):):):):):) 
K bye !

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