For the 2 people who want to know what I'm up to..

I'll try to be better at updating again lol. As you might have guessed I've been reeeeeeally busy in the past few months. I went from being able to sit at home in my jammies every day doing my school work to having to go to work nearly every day and scramming studying in whenever I can in between. I can't remember the last time I sat down and relaxed and actually felt relaxed. Even now when I can find some time to just watch a movie I'm constantly stressed because I know I have work soon or school work that I should be doing instead of relaxing. I'm gonna stop complaining though, I'm happy to have a job that I enjoy and studying courses that I find interesting as well. It's waaay better than sitting at home not knowing what to do with your life.
In recent news I finally saw the Avengers age of Ultron yesterday with my family and Oh My Goooooood!! It was soooo good! We've been waiting quite some time for this movie and I think all of us were pretty happy with it. I think I'm gonna spend the rest of the day watching an Avengers marathon before I have to go to work tonight. 
How are you guys doing?? What have you been up to my friends? 

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