what would the world be without coffee?

Hey hot stuff! 
How's it going'?! 

Today I've relaxed at home most of the day, played with Mike and now I am hanging out in Douglas Court. Guess how annoyed I am that I realized I've gone to the wrong coffee shop for about three years? I have tried all of them here except for Gloria Jean's which I did today. And guess what?! Their coffee is at least 20c cheaper than the other coffee shops here! Imagine how much money I could have saved over the years if I always would have gone here... Ah well, who cares really.. 

Anyways, I'm gonna get going home soon. Ill probably have to go to bed early again tonight since I accidentally watched YouTube videos with Theo James until like 1 in the morning last night... Whoops. And tomorrow it's Mikes birthday. I can't believe he's turning three already. I remember his first birthday as if it was yesterday. Ah well.. No matter how old he gets he'll always be my baby :) 

Hope you've all had a good Monday! 

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