The Best Of Me (2014)

So, while I was in Ireland I was going to the cinema with some friends and there I realised the Best of Me was finally out in the cinema. I had NO IDEA! Anyways, as you all know I'm the biggest Nicholas Sparks fan and this is the newest book of his to become a film.

I was super excited going in, I knew I had read the book (I thought I had it but I couldn't remember where I put it) and I couldn't fully remember all that it was about. It was even more exciting not knowing how the movie was going to end.

The story is about Dawson (James Marsden, YUMM) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) who were high school sweethearts. Under some unfortunate circumstances they split up and never see each other again. Until 20 years later. Or 21 to be exact. Their mutual friend Tuck, from their home town, dies and the two of them are called back as executors of his will. As they meet again sparks fly and you start seeing flashbacks from their youth, from how they got together and why they broke up. It's a beautiful love story, if just a tad bit dramatic and don't even get me started on the ending. When I realised how it was going to end I remembered why I hated that book and why I never wanted to read it again.

Apart from the terribly sad ending (spoiler, I know) it's a great film. The acting is magnificent and as always the film really gives you the same feeling as the book and it turns out to be a great adaption of Sparks' novel. The only I thing I didn't like (apart from the ending) was the mix of James Marsden and Luke Bracey to both play Dawson, Marsden as the older Dawson and Bracey as teenage Dawson. They just didn't fit to play the same character. They don't look even remotely similar and even though I hate to say it (because I LOVE James Marsden) I think Bracey is better fit to play Dawson than Marsden is. But that's just a small detail and if you ignore that it is a great film. Also if Marsden and Bracey didn't fit to play the same guy, Michelle Monaghan and Liana Liberato are absolutely perfect for playing Amanda in different ages. They both manage to really capture her character and bring out the same person in the younger and older version of her. They make the story much more realistic when it jumps between the different times in their lives.

To summarize, the Best of Me is a great film even if I will probably never watch it again, I'm just too sensitive to bad endings. It's a great adaption from novel to film and it is definitely worth a watch! If you're a girl (and maybe some guys too) you will definitely love it!
The Best of Me get's 4 out of 5 E's!


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