Pasta with lemon fried asparagus and Philadelphia sauce

So I figured right in time for lunch I'd share the delicious pasta dish I made last night. I found the recipe here (also stole the picture from there) and I just changed a few things. 
What you need: (3 or 4 people)
2dl cream (cooking or whipping cream doesn't matter)
125g Philadelphia with garlic and herbs 
1 or 2 bundles of asparagus (as much as you think you want and need, I added bacon to the dish so I needed less asparagus, I only used 1 bundle)
25g room tempered butter
1 tbl spoon freshly squeezed lemon juice 
Grated skin from half the lemon 
Pasta (in my case I cooked both gluten free and regular pasta since I'm coeliac and the rest of my family isn't)
150g bacon (again this is kind of as much as you want and need, we have a vegetarian in our family so this was enough for two people)
Salt and pepper
1. Start with boiling water for the pasta. Cook the pasta according to the instructions while you're doing the other preparations and it will all be ready at the same time. Remember if you're cooking both gluten free and regular pasta to not mix them, use different utensils to stir them and to drain the gluten free pasta first if you're using the same colander. Avoid cross contamination!
2. Start frying bacon. I fried the bacon seperately to the asparagus as my sister is a vegetarian, so I simply added fried bacon to the other plates. 
3. Clean and cut the asparagus in halves. 
4. Mix the butter with the lemon juice and the grated lemon skin. Add salt and pepper. 
5. Fry the asparagus just slightly soft in the lemon butter. Add the buds later as they will go softer faster. 
6. To make the sauce you heat the cream without boiling it. Add the philadelphia and let it melt (again without boiling it). Sample with some salt and pepper. DONE.
This dish takes less than 30 minutes and is absolutely delicious. Perfect for our family as we have one coeliac and one vegetarian but it's easy to cook for all of us. So, enjoy!

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