Let it goooo

Oh my God! If I thought I was tired a few days ago it is nothing compared to what I feel now. My mental health is definitely getting tested this week and if my asshole of a doctor could see me now I don't think he would say everything looks peachy. I am with people that I consider my second family, in a city I consider home and still my head is spinning constantly and I feel like taking a nap every three hours, I get so tired.
Last night I bailed on going out cause I wasn't feeling well. I was looking forward to a quiet night in but of course the kids ended up having a party in the kitchen with Ruth and Muireann so I guess I could have gone out anyways lol. Aint nothing like a lil' dancing to Starships though!! 

Today has been a great day too. I stayed at home this morning then I had lunch at Gourmet Burger Bistro (nicest burgers in cork!) with Karolina and Kinga. Afterwards we decided to go to Mahon Point to go to the cinema and we ended up seeing The Best of Me. The new Nicholas Sparks film! You can imagine I was excited about that. This evening then I was babysitting. My babies and I watched Frozen (again) (and yes, we sang along.. a lot.. and loud) and now I am going to bed! Hashtag wrecked! 

I'll try to be less tired tomorrow and update about more fun things than being tired lol. 

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