Family Time <3

Godday friends!
This weekend has been spent with my sis and mommy and it's been wonderful. Yesterday we went on a little road trip to Hörby to the outlet store Pema. They have like looooads of stuff for doing arts and crafts and since our whole family is in a creative mood at the moment we went a bit crazy in there. Yesterday evening then Solle came by for a little while and then after she left Vanessa (my sister is changing her name, I'll get to that later) and I had a wine night and watched some Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It was a blast! 
This morning (yes it's still morning for me) we're doing some arts and crafts so we're just setting up the table now. Gotta love spending time with the fam! 
How are you spending your sunday? 
Nessie and I last drinking wiiine! 

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