On Top Of The World!

Haaay you guys! 
I'm in such a good mood at the moment! You know that rollercoaster I've told you about before? At the moment I'm totally on the top. I feel like I'm on top of the world. 
I don't know... Lately I've just been feeling great. Feeling much more back to normal, back to myself and I'm for the first time in aaaages getting excited about life again. I just have a bit of anxiety that I'm totally gonna crash again. So many times in the past months I've been feeling better and several times I thought that I was "back to normal" or "fine". And then for some reason I always crashed again. And most of the time I fell way harder down in to darkness than I had before. And I am scared that I will again. 
I don't think I'll feel as bad as I did before if I crash again but it would still suck if I'd go back to a bad place again. Sooo.. I'm doing my very best to stay positive and feel good and be HAPPY! Because guess what? Being happy is pretty freaking awesome!! Woop woop! 

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