Grey Grey Grey Day

This day has been so incredibly grey! Is it just here or is that everywhere? When I was driving around noon, street lights were on because it was so dark. It feels like it's been one long night, no day light at all.
This morning I had to get up to go to the dietitian. It's basically the same process all over again that I had this summer after I found out I was coeliac. It's good though! It's great to go through everything about the disease again, and here in Sweden to actually see if there is any difference in how to handle it. 
The rest of the day I've been SOOOO tired. I was exhausted already yesterday after painting all day Monday. Then I had to make like a hundred phone calls after I talked to my doctor and it just wrecked me. My mom, sister and I watched Harry Potter and I feel asleep in the middle of the movie. And today I've basically just been lying on the couch all afternoon too tired to get up. But tomorrow is a new day! Hopefully it won't be as grey and hopefully after some sleep I'll  feel better :) 
What are you guys up to this week? :)

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