Gremlins (1984)

Since we're coming up on Christmas times... I saw the classic Gremlins (1984) recently. I've seen it once before and it's a good old christmas movie about green little monsters. 
The film revolves around the Peltzer family. The dad, Randall Peltzer is a struggling inventor who is looking for a christmas present for his son, Billy. Mr. Peltzer ends up getting him a new pet. It's a "mogwai" (he names him Gizmo) which is a little creature that needs to be taken care of with great responsibility. There are three important rules to follow when taking care of Gizmo and of course by accident all three rules are broken. This leads to the town being invaded by gremlins that more or less ruin christmas for everyone. 

Gremlins is a horror comedy directed by Joe Dante. It's a good combination of fun and scary. Gizmo and the other mogwai before they turn in to gremlins are really cute but in general the story is actually kind of lame and predictable. The gremlins are a bit over the top and frankly quite disgusting. And in the end when everything is crazy it's just kind of dragged out. It's the kind of movie you don't really watch for the great story, you watch it because Gizmo is cute and it's about christmas.
However we have to give Gremlins some credit for its special effects. I can really imagine it being a hit when it came out in '84 with the monsters and the full story revolving around them. It's obvious the focus in the film has been on making the special effects look cool rather than making a good story. And the monsters are cool. I mean it is a Spielberg film so what would you expect?!

I'll give Gremlins 3 out of 5 E's.
Again because Gizmo is just the cuuuutest! And it's really funny in the beginning before the gremlins go nuts!

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