Feeling Sorry For Myself

Urgghhh today is not a good day. Last night I had trouble going to sleep. Then I woke up after just a few hours from a nightmare. Theeen less than two hours later I woke up from insane period pain. I always get really sick from period pain and it's getting worse with age. Nowadays I always get bad cramps all the way down my thighs and always early in the morning. And if I try to get out of bed I get hypotension and start cold sweating and it feels like I'm gonna pass out. No matter how slowly I try to sit up this happens every time when I wake up like this in the morning.. So after about five hours of pain killers and a heat pad on my stomach (nothing ever helps) the pain finally started to subside and I could actually get out of bed and try to eat breakfast... 
The rest of the day I've been feeling nauseous and sleep deprived but after cooking dinner I forced myself out of the apartment for a little walk with Azzi. It was nice until I got home and felt ready to pass out again. Now I'm gonna allow myself to spend the rest of the day in front of the tv. I might bake some muffins too. Right now I'm enjoying a cup of Barry's tea while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on tv. 
It is a grey enough day today. But I walked a different way today and it was nice with a change :)

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