Dreaming of Summer

So today I've felt like a real housewife. Sissy and mommy have both been working so I've been holding down the fort here. I've been doing dishes, washing (well more like folding what the rest of the family washed over the weekend lol) walking the dog, doing errands.. And when I was done with everything I cuddled up on the couch with a bunch of lit candles watching tv. 
At the moment I'm dreaming of summer though as sissy and I are planning on (and I SO SO SO SO hope it will all work out) travelling through Europe this summer. There are SO many places I want to see and we have the hardest time deciding on where we want to go.
Anybody have any tips on "must-see-places" in Europe?!

Anywho, family just got home so it's dinner time! 
Gotta go! 


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Park Güell i Barcelona! Och Paros Grekland!

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