Can't Wait To Get Off

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My life, my body, my mind at the moment... It is such a roller coaster ride I wish I could get off. It's not one of those fun, exciting rides that gives you butterflies in your stomach. It's one of those that doesn't look too bad from down on the ground, but when you're on it you quickly realise you made a huge mistake getting on.
You start out being really excited, until you realise it's much higher than you thought, when you slowly move up that first hill your stomach turns in to one massive knot and your face drops when you realise this is not going to be fun at all. It's not fun high, it's too high. It turns too fast so that you're being pushed back and forth in the seat way too hard, you just know you're going to be bruised all over. It goes over the bumps much faster than it looks, making them actually hurt you instead of making you giggle in excitement. And when it slows down and you take a deep breath in relief because you think this ride from hell is finally over... there is another massive bump that makes you bump your shoulder really hard on the headrest, or there is another massive high hill to get over where you go down so fast it hurts your head and makes the seat shake so much your whole body hurts...
And then, when it's finally over. When you're finally back where you started... You realise this is one of those rides that go multiple times around the course. As if once wasn't enough... 
The only bright side is: Maybe it wasn't your choice to get on this ride, but when you finally get off this hell ride, you'll always carry with you that you got through something that was really tough and hard for you. No matter how much people tell you "that wasn't so bad!" or "that doesn't look scary at all", you can give them the middle finger, pat yourself on your shoulder and say "you did it!". And you can live on and never have to do it again unless you choose too. It's all up to you. 

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