Okay, I figured it was time to answer some of your awesome questions! 

What is your favourite vacation so far?
Gosshhh!! This is so hard because I've gone on some different types of trips. I mean there are camping trips with the family from when I was little that I loved. There are city-sightseeing-trips, there are sun holidays laying on the beach... 

Tenerife 2013
One of my favourites is definitely going to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware with my American host family. I loved the beach, seeing dolphines in the ocean, Rehoboth was really cozy in general. At the same time.. Going to Tenerife with my Irish host family was also one of my favourite trips since we were gone for a full 14 days. We really had plenty of time to explore the area and I loved it. It was beautiful! Gosh. I think Tenerife was my favourite though. Costa Adeje was beautiful, we had a good time and the hotel where we stayed was really nice. Like what more could you ask for?

What is your dream job?
How many times over the past few years haven't I had to ask myself this question? For a while I thought I wanted to be a preschool teacher more than anything, for a while I wanted to be an interpreter or a translator, for a while I wanted to become a politician and lately I've wanted to be a travel reporter. Since obviously one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world I figured why not combine a dream with a job? But I wouldn't want to do that forever because when I eventually have a family I wouldn't want to be travelling, I'd like to take care of my kiddies... So I don't know really. I'm pretty sure I'd like to work in tourism though. Maybe own my own hotel?! Idk.

What living or dead person would you like to meet?
This is not a hard one. As you all can probably guess it's Demi Lovato. I admire her so much, I mean she's two years younger than me but she's such an inspiration to me and all her other fans. I'd love to meet her and just tell her how much I appreciate her music and her honesty. 

Where do you think you are in life in 10 years?
Oh God. When I had to think about how old I'll be in 10 years I nearly cried a little, haha. Well. In 10 years I hope I'll have a job that I'm happy with and some type of a carrier. I hope I'm married or at least in a serious relationship with at least like... 2 kids. 


What is your favourite movie?
Waahhh what's with the hard questions?!??! Ok I'm just gonna go with The Notebook. Nicholas Sparks is the shizzle... Y'all know that. 

How many readers do you have on your blog? How do you reach readers?
To be honest it varies a lot. It's anything between 2 people and 100 each day. I don't really do much to reach readers. I mean I have the facebook page where I post links to the blog etc and I have my twitter linked to it as well. But I don't really actively try to seek out readers as much as I probably should. I'd love to have more people reading just like any blogger... But I write for myself because I think it's fun, so I'm happy just to have anyone read it at all. 

I like your blog! For how long did you live in Ireland?
Thank you! I appreciate it. I lived in Ireland for just over 2 and a half years and LOVED it! Everyone should try living in Ireland for some part of their lives. 

Thanks for your questions! Keep checking back for future Q&A's! :)

Something you've always wanted to know..

Is there anything you've always wanted to know about me? Is there anything you wanted to ask but was too afraid to ask about? Anything you're not sure about and want clarified? Is there anything you want my opinion or advice on?! Anything you want to know about my past, my future or thoughts?
Now you have your chance!
Recently I've been asked all kinds of different questions from different people so I figured why don't we do a bit of a Q&A? If you have any questions for me, comment below! In a few days I'll answer any questions you have. 
You can even ask anonymously if you'd like. I don't mind. Nothing is off limits. 
So put your thinking cap on comment on this post with any juicy questions you have for me! 
I look forward to answering whatever you want to know! 
- E