Oooof course I had to do some Halloween inspired nails this week! Mine went black with some cool nail jewels and spooky white 3D smoke on 'em. I also got to do Vanessa's nails and for her we went with classic orange & black! 
I'm loving the almond shape even though I wish my nails were just slightly longer!
You can barely see but under the "smoke" on the ring finger there is a gravestone that says RIP. There's also some blood... Everywhere...
So with Vanessa's nails we went with some cobwebs and spiders and I used black jewels for the spider's body. Only thing is I wish I had a finer brush for doing really thin fine lines in designs like these. Suppose I'll have to invest in that or make one! :)


Ahhh God bless inspiration! Don't you just love it when you feel so inspired it feels like your ideas are gonna start shooting out of your ears?! Well I sure do! Like I said before that's what happened to me last night at the culture event and all I wanted was to go home and do my nails. All the art work just inspired me so much and today I finished one of the designs I had in my head. And guess what?! I'm SO happy with it! Woop woop!
What do you guys think? I know the pictures are kind of crap but it was really hard to get a good one lol! 
This design was inspired by artist Ingrid Andersson who was showcasing paintings in grey and white with gold details. Check out her website: www.ingridandersson.se