Movie of the Day

At the pace I'm watching movies at the moment I'll need to do a "movie of the day" segment instead of "movie of the week" lol. 
This morning I got around to watching Escobar: Paradise lost.
I obviously found out about this film through my Josh Hutcherson (plays Peeta in the Hunger Games for those of you who don't know who he is) obsession and do you know what? This is what I love about getting obsessed with specific actors. Whenever I have a new favourite actor I watch all their movies and I learn so much more about what films are out there. 
This film is about Nick, a Canadian surfer who goes to Colombia with his brother to start a surf business. He meets and quickly falls for Maria, the beautiful niece of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Over the years Nick gets closer to Pablo and gets dragged in to his business which leads to him getting in trouble. 
I mean I can't say anything about the truth to the story or Escobar's character because I simply don't know anything about it. Apparently the idea came from a story heard about a real-life boy who did end up in a similar situation with Escobar.
What I can say is that the film is really good. Benicio del Toro is amazing as Escobar and even though I am biased Josh Hutcherson is incredible as Nick. I think it is definitely his best performance so far (no matter how much I love the Hunger Games series) and it shows how versatile he is as an actor. The film is dramatic and feels real, it's one of those when you don't think it can get any worse, it does.
To summarize I'd say it's definitely worth seeing if you're looking for a drama/action/thriller. (Can we btw just take a moment to be proud of little me who's come so far I can actually watch "scary" movies i.e, action/thrillers.. I mean who would have thought?!?!?)  
Has anyone seen this film? What did you think?


Ahhh this morning we're going to Venice with Casanova. As you might have guessed by now I'm a big fan of movies set in a beautiful city. Some of my favourite films are my favourites simply because of the setting. And Venice is simply... the dream. 
(source) Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller are simply brilliant in Casanova
And who would I be to complain when it's also a fantastic screen play and the amazing Lasse Hallström yet again who's directing? 
Happy Sunday lovies! 

Today's film: Chocolat

Do you ever crave chocolate as much as when you watch the beautiful film Chocolat? I absolutely adore this film and not just because of all the chocolate you get to drool over for two hours. 
As the Johnny Depp lover I am I obviously bought this movie years ago because of him. I fell in love with it and not just because he's in it. It has more to do with the beautiful French village. It's set in a fictional village called Lansquenet and was shot mostly in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in Burgundy on the Rue De L'ancienne Poste in Beynac-et-Cazenac on the Dordogne River in Dordogne, France. And then of course all the chocolate, the combination of all the different characters, Juliette Binoche's beautiful portrayal of miss Vianne Rocher, Lasse Hallström's brilliant directing and the amazing screen play by Robert Nelson Jacobs. Johnny Depp is just a bonus. Just as the amazing Swedish acting from Lena Olin and Peter Stormare. 
If you haven't seen it yet, go see it now!
And then come back and tell me what you think?! :)