Don't stop me now!

Heey everyone!
I had a great weekend, started off with a siblings' day on Saturday with a road trip to the south. First we drove down to Ystad and then we stopped at a few other places in Österlen on our way back. We had picnic on the beach and in general just a great day. I think we all agree the most fun was had in the car with all the singing we did. We created a playlist on my Spotify with a bunch of our favorite songs and then we sang... and I bet it looked pretty funny for the cars passing by! 
Just showing off my Kylie Jenner lips lol... 
My baby brothers <3 No babies anymore...
Went to Ale's stones, which we also renamed "those fucking stones" since it involved a few hills and more walking than we'd liked to get to them... 
Passed by a million of these lovely rape fields which is something that's such a sign of summer here in the south...! 
Yesterday I started off with sleeping until like noon because I didn't get a chance to sleep in in like, forever. Then me and sissy went to our mommy's place for most of the afternoon and just relaxed which was AWESOME. It's just been a nice and cozy weekend in general. This week now it's back at it again, I'm not working much but I'll be studying my ass off... Literally, I'm pretty sure my ass will fall off after all of this. 
Anyhow, hope you guys are having a great day!
- E

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