This Is Something I Will Always Miss About Ireland

The shopping!!!! Seriously, I've never owned as much clothes and shoes and handbags and accessories and scarfes and god-knows-what in my life as I have since I moved to Ireland. Penneys and New Look are like my best friends. It feels terrible to be away from them. What's so great about them is, well obviously with Penneys (Primark for those of you who know the UK) it's the price. It is so ridiculously cheap in there. And even though the quality is not great that suits me just fine. I'm the kind of person who gets bored of my stuff fairly quickly, so I'd rather spend little money on it and expect it not to last than spend way more on my clothes and then I get bored after a while anyways and I'll never use that item again. What's even cooler compared to other low-priced stores is Penney's really follow trends as well. So you can get modern, "hip" stuff at an extremely reasonable price. And when it comes to New Look I think that's just my all time favourite store ever. It's completely my style and also the prices in there are reasonable. Quality wise it's way better than Penneys but still at a good price. I can get lost in that store for hours... 
So, without further ado I'll show you what I got recently! 
I realised when I came home to Sweden that I had no good boots to wear this autumn. And no matter how much I'd love to I can't walk around in converse all year round. So I decided when I go back to Ireland I need to invest in some good boots for this season as New Look is my favourite place ever for boots! 
I wanted a pair of flat ankle boots for every day wear. And I found these bad boys! 
 Of course even though I was looking for FLATS, I managed to find like 15 pair of high heeled boots as well I loved. I decided that a pair of wedges can't hurt so since they're so cheap I decided to get BOTH of them. 
A while back I also got a coat in Penneys that I've been meaning to show you, perfect for autumn. I know you've all seen them, the military green jackets with leather sleeves? Well I bet you I got the cheapest AND coolest one this year! Does your one have a fur collar? I didn't think so... 
All I can say is... I'll definitely be doing a few shoppings trips to Ireland over the next few years. I've never been so happy with the shopping anywhere before. What do you guys think?! Where is your favourite place to shop?

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