Can You Believe It?

No, I can't either! It's absolutely insane! I know... Who would have thought that I would wake up at 6.15 and like... actually get up and get on with the day? I didn't! Well I didn't get up straight away but when it became clear to me that I couldn't go back to sleep I got out of bed, changed out of my pyjamas (WHAAT?!?!?!) and made myself coffee and breakfast. WHAT?! I don't think you guys understand what a massive step that is for me. I even changed out of my jammies, before I even had breakfast?? Oh jeez... Well I'm hoping my good mood will stick for the day. I'm planning on going for a walk after breakkie, and I don't want to change my mind. 
The rest of the day is not fully planned yet. So I do take suggestions. 
What are you doing today my friends?! :)
I LOVE my Starbucks mugs. I always drink my mornning coffe out of one of them now :)


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Härligt att höra! ! 😀😀 Hoppas att du får en fortsatt bra dag! 😀

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