Busy Monday

Hellooo friends and family! 
Today has been such a busy day actually. I didn't think it would be but of course I haven't really had time to sit down properly until now. Vanessa (oh yeah, I know I forgot to tell you the full story but my sister Johanna legally changed her name to Vanessa now) and I needed to borrow the car for the day so we had to get up at 5.30 to leave when mom went to work. We went to our dad's house for a few hours before I had to drop her in to the big city of Kristianstad where it was finally time for Vanessa's knowledge test for her driver's license. AND SHE PASSED! So in a few days now after she's done the driving test she will probably (hopefully, most likely) have her driver's license. And everything will be right in the world again. 
Anyways, after her test we went back to my dad's house for a while. Played some xbox with my brothers. Played the NHL game for the first time ever and actually turned out to be somewhat of a natural, wohooo. Aaaand after a while we had to go back in to town to do a grocery shop and collect mommy from work. So, we're finally sitting down now after a yummy dinner that I made. 
Tomorrow I think I'm gonna sleep in. I deserve it. 
How's your Monday been? 

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