Treating Myself

Gooood morning darlings!
Today I'm treating myself to a relaxing day. 
I woke up this morning with Azzi IN MY BED?! I didn't even notice her jumping in on to the bed but obviously she must have this morning. Anyways, I went for a loooong nice walk with her in the forest and now for the rest of the day I'm just gonna let myself relax. I always have so many things I want to do, like blogging, painting, soul searching, reading, nail art, reviewing movies, photographing, make up, practicing hair styles, yoga, dancing, singing, researching travel destinations... I mean I'll go mad if I try to squeeze it all in every single day so today... even though I'd love to do all those things, I'm just gonna relax. 
I just started watching Eat Pray Love and made myself a cup of Barry's tea, so I'm not leaving the couch yet for a while. 
What are you guys up to today?! 
Happy Friday! 

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