Top 7 @ 7

The dog woke me up again licking my face... YUCK! My new morning routine is to listen to music on MTV when I wake up. At the moment it's top 7@7. It's a win win because I'm so bad at keeping up with popular music and now I get to cuddle up in bed in the mornings with some awesome music on in the background. Woop 
Anyways (I know, it's my favourite word!) I have to go out for a walk soon with the animal so I'm trying to wake up here. Otherwise it'll be a quiet day. I'm so incredibly tired from concentrating all day yesterday so I'll probably just relax today. I have a phone appointment with the doctor which is good so I can finally find out what's going to happen with my sick leave. At the same time I don't want to talk to the doctor because it gives me massive anxiety. Apparently it's not enough to tell these people how you feel, you have to defend yourself and humiliate yourself to explain why you're so fucked up that you can't live a normal life at the moment... SO excited for that. 
The forest was so beautiful yesterday. I got so excited I started jumping around throwing leaves around me like a kid. Ahhh I miss being a kid!!! 

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