The Ride

Last night Demi Lovato was on MTV's The Ride. Obviously as you all know by now (if you don't, we must not know each other very well) I am obsessed with Demi. She's an amazing person, a great inspiration and probably the best role model out there. In The Ride she talks about her life and her career and everything that has happened to her. I've always loved her for her music and her incredible voice, but since she went public with all her personal problems I've just admired her strength. Even more now when I'm dealing with issues myself I can't help but wonder how she does it. I know how much strength it takes to stay positive when you're dealing with mental illness because I can't even do it myself. And she's so young! She's younger than me but so much wiser. 
Anyways, my point in all this rambling is that when I saw The Ride last night I was reminded again of how amazing Demi is. I was also reminded to stay strong. A lot of the time I simply don't have the energy to even try to make myself feel better. I feel lazy and I don't see the point in it. But Demi is an amazing inspiration and listening to her talk about working on herself makes me want to work harder too. Listening to her reminds me why I want to get out of this stupid depression and how much more I'll enjoy life when I get back to my "normal" self. This is why I want to get her book so bad but I can't afford it right now. It would be the perfect motivation for me to work harder to be able to read Demi's wise words every day :)
Now go to youtube and watch the full thing of The Ride and be amazed that people like Demi actually exist! 

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