Pay It Forward (2000)

Pay it forward is one of those movies I've heard so much about but just never managed to see the full film. The other night I was about to go to bed when I realised it was coming on tv so of course I had to watch it.

This drama is based on a novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde and it revolves around 11 year old Trevor (Haley Joel Osment). He gets a school assignment to try to come up with a way to make the world a better place. Trevor comes up with the idea to "pay it forward". You have to do three people a big favor. Something that they can't do themselves and maybe something that is hard for you to do, but something that would be of great help to them. Then instead of them repaying you for the favor, they have to pay it forward to three other people. Trevor starts helping people, his teacher Mr. Simonet (Kevin Spacey) being one of them, and quickly his school project becomes a movement that spread to other cities around the country.

I'm just gonna come out there and say it, I absolutely loved this film! I loved Haley Joel Osment in the role of Trevor. Trevor is a very thoughtful and sensitive boy who's had a tough upbringing and Osment really brings these characteristics to the screen and makes it believable. Helen Hunt stars as Trevor's mother and she is brilliant as well. I think she is a great actress and here she portrays Trevor's struggling single mom perfectly. Kevin Spacey plays the interesting part of Trevor's teacher Eugene Simonet. He is a very complex character and the chemistry between Spacey and Hunt is perfect for their characters' relationship in the film.

I could go on forever and ever about how amazing I thought this film was and how much I love the pay it forward idea. I love the fact that people in real life are trying to pay it forward and that it actually isn't such a bad or unrealistic idea. I love the fact that when I google "pay it forward" you actually have to add "movie" to get results on the movie first, otherwise it will give you real life stories and definitions on "pay it forward".  

Pay it forward is rated 7,1 out of 10 on imdb ( and I will of course give it 5 out of 5 E's! One of those "must watch" movies I can now scratch of my list. 


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