Harry Potter Series

Every year around this time, when it's getting dark and cold outside, my mom and I end up reading the Harry Potter books. She would always start reading one of them which always made me want to read them too. The only annoying thing is that my mom reads them in the order she likes them, and I want to read them in chronological order so sometimes we end up needing the same book.

Anyways, the other night one of the Harry Potter films was on television which made me realise they have to be this week's movie! The Harry Potter films are just so... cozy and perfect for this time of the year. I won't get in to the story as I guess everyone knows what it's about. If someone doesn't let me just say- google it!

What I love about the films first of all is that they are actually great adaptions of the books. I grew up with these books like so many others and the expectations on these films were sky high. Still everyone involved in making these films were absolutely amazing. Especially the first four films are so true to the books it's nearly scary. It's EXACTLY as you imagine it when you read the books. I'll never forget when I saw the first film in the cinema with my mom. It was... magical. Hogwarts really is as homey and cozy as you expect it to be. The actors are ALL brilliant and if I would go in to naming names this post would basically just be one long list of the full cast.

I suppose the reason for why we all love the Harry Potter world is because it has all the elements a good story needs. The battle between good and bad, loveable characters, a magical world that you would love to live in and cool school subjects like potions, charms and transfiguration! They don't have to learn algebra or grammar or anything boring at all it seems. I also think the main reason for my generation loving this series is what I already said before... We grew up with these stories. And for the people who "don't understand" what's so great about Harry Potter. Well I just don't understand you. I really don't.

My personal favourites and recommendations are Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Deathly Hallows (both parts).
So of course the Harry Potter series get's 5 out of 5 E's!!


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