And here we go another Monday. At least this is the first day in about 3 weeks that I haven't been dying at work. Thank God I'm finally recovering from that flu. The weekend was good. I literally spent all day Saturday and Sunday on the couch just relaxing, and finally I feel well rested.

Tonight Sara and I cleaned the apartment and now we're watching some TV as always. Gotta love the married life, lol.

Rockin' Paddy's weekend!

Here we are, the Sunday of St. Patrick's weekend is here. St. Patrick's day is technically not until tomorrow but as always we've partied all weekend. This year I had to take it easy though since I'm still a bit sick but we've had fun. On Friday Lina and Sara's friends arrived from Sweden. We had a few drinks in the Shelbourne as always and then we moved on to the Wash for a while. We went home early though. Yesterday we did some shopping. We had the most beautiful day of the year I'd say. Sunny and warm and a lot of things going on in town. It was fun. 

And then we went to the Shelbourne to watch the rugby match between Ireland and France. It was the last match of the 6 nations tournament and basically if we won the match we would win the whole thing.... And we sure did!!!!! amazing to actually see Ireland win for once (they always lose everything since I started watching rugby hahaha) 
Anyways, then  we went home to get ready and then on to Karolina's for some drinks before we went out. We went to the Brog, looks amazing since they renovated the place. Then off to the Old Oak for a tequila and a selfie, and then Rearden's. We sure had THE best night. We danced all night and just had so much FUN. Nothing too crazy or too boring, everyone were just in great mood. We danced ourselves all sweaty and then we went to McD for some food of course and then home to sleep. 
Today Lina and I are just chilling at home. Tomorrow it's back to work. I wonder if I remember how to do my job??? Naah, I think I do. 
More updates later!