Trött, tröttare, tröttast.

Det är jag just nu. 
Det har varit en jobbig vecka. Förra helgen var rolig som väntat. Så pass rolig att jag slog i knät som varit uppsvullet och har lett till att jag haltat fram hela veckan, roligt. Har inte kunnat sova på grund av detta så är nu väldigt trött. Dessutom har mitt schema bytts den här veckan vilket betyder att jag jobbar 6 dagar i rad. Jobbade söndagen från förra veckan och sen måndag till fredag den här veckan. 
Som tur var har jag kunnat ta lite halvdagar så jag har jobbat lite mindre men ändå. Utöver det har jag och frugan Sara mest legat hemma i soffan och tittat på tv. Älskar vår tv. Hur levde vi utan tv:n undrar jag??
Nu måste jag dock släpa mig upp ur soffan och stappla mig in i duschen. 
Tänkte mest slänga in en uppdatering för att bevisa att jag lever!


Here we go again, another week halfway through.
Last week was good, was off a lot and on Friday I was off as usual. I went to the gym and cleaned the apartment and after Sara came home we got ready to go for a Valentine's dinner with Cristina and Claudia. We went to Luigi Malone's and my wife and I shared a valentine's dinner. It was all very nice and romantic. Afterwards we went for a few drinks at Bodega and Sara and I finished at Rearden's as usual of course.

On the Saturday we went to McDonalds for breakfast, then we went home to sleep for a few hours and in the afternoon I went out to Douglas to see my babies. It was a nice night to see them all and on Sunday it was back to work.

Work has been fine, I found out my shift is gonna change and I'm gonna get the best shift ever and have weekends off again, yaaaay! Happy girl over here.
Today after work we went for a coffee with my dear butterfly Arinche and now it's nearly time for dinner.

Tomorrow is Karolina's birthday so this weekend should be a fun one. Anyways, dinner is ready, more blogging later!
See yaaaa

LIke a hurricaaaane...

That's how it's been today. All day. I'm pretty sure they would classify it as a hurricane. Weather in Cork at the moment is not great, let me tell you. Sara and I went to the gym this morning and then to Mahon Point for some shopping, lunch and a movie in the cinema. Walking over just from the bus I thought I was gonna blow away but I survived, very proud.

Anyways, we saw the Awkward Moment with Zac Efron. GREAT movie. Absolutely loved it! Then we went home and followed through on a neknomination from Lina and now we're waiting for dinner to be ready. Gonna be a nice evening.

Hope you guys are having a good night!