How crazy is it that it's the end of August already?!

Friday night we had like a goodbye party so we had some friends over for a preparty, then we all went out. We had a great time and yesterday was a hangover day so we just relaxed at home and watched tv for most of the day. Karolina, Sara and I went out for dinner though to gorgeous Gourmet Burger Bistro again. I love them because they have basically everything as gluten free options as well. Their burgers are amazing and their gluten free buns are delicious! 
Anyways, today we have some of our energy back so we'll try to do something productive with the day. I need to go to Boots and other than that I might try to start packing a little bit again. I want to get more packing done before my mom and sister come down to Cork on Wednesday. My mom called me last week shouting "Viking mama is here!!!!" after she arrived in Dublin to visit my sister. My family is soooo normal... 
Well I suppose I'll get going here. I'll update more later!
My beautiful besties, Karolina and Sara <3